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Use It Or Lose It

We've all heard that phrase and in reference to so many things it's hard to count them all! With this tip, I'm referring to valves, any valve really...if they don't get used, they eventually seize. Sometimes it's due to hard water deposits, sometimes it's due to the rubber within the valve deteriorating and sticking to the brass or other material from which the valve is constructed. Many times we turn a valve off that hasn't been used for years (if it will even turn off) and we discover it either won't stop the flow of water, or when we turn it back on it leaks...sometimes quite badly! This is usually a result of an o-ring that tears when we turn the handle of a valve that has seized or hasn't been used in a very long time. The rubber washer may also have dried out or almost petrified during its dormant years. To avoid this, simply turn the valve handle a turn or two fairly often just to keep it in working order. Whenever you pass a valve, whether it's during the house cleaning, or a routine schedule you make up, tuen the handle - a quater turn is all you need...no need to completely open and close them, but if they don't get used they become expensive couplings! And remember, if you've got a leaky valve, call your plumber (hopefully Hanwell Plumbing & Heating) and have it repaired because you'll soon be paying for every drop!!


So if you need some valves replaced or serviced....

"Just Call Robin! "
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